Just like a master craftsman

we select the right tools for the job, and believe it or not, sometimes the right tool is the oldest tool in our shop. Die cutting, numbering, and sometimes perforating, scoring and imprinting are still done on our letterpress equipment.

And, if you want a real treat, stop by our office and see our Bible. It was printed by Frederick Goeb, master printer from Germany, in a tiny printshop in Somerset, PA. Goeb spent four years setting nearly five million pieces of type by hand, one letter at a time, for the first Bible printed west of the Allegheny Mountain. It is bound in leather over oak boards and could be purchased for approximately $6 shortly after it was printed in 1813.

Master craftsmen who were trained on letterpress, shook their heads and rolled their eyes when offset presses came to the shop floor. Offset press operators did the same as the digital revolution took hold. But, just like letterpress, there is still a place for offset printing ~ it's fast, efficient and thus, COST-EFFECTIVE. And, with changes to inks and chemistry, it's also GREEN.

We have the right tool for the job ~ whether you need custom, numbered carbonless forms, business stationery (envelopes, letterhead & business cards), or specialty products (paper floor mats for new trucks, tyvek tags & adhesive labels), or full-color brochures and sales sheets.

From custom forms to affordable short-run full-color printing -- all with
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